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Freebie #1: Songwriter's Toolbox

Thank you for your support of Garden City, The Worship Ministry Catalyst, and the Make Jesus Culture Conference. This post is the first post coming in a long line of freebies. Over the course of the next couple years, we will be releasing FREE content weekly that we feel will be helpful, not only to those overseeing the worship culture in churches, but to those worshipping the Lord in all areas of life ... from education, to church, to family, to media/arts, to governance, and to business. 

Our first giveaway this week is an Introduction to a Series of 37 Videos on songwriting called The Songwriter's Toolbox. This course will give you the tools you need to capture the voice of your church, culture, and context, and bring your people before God in a way that is distinct, unique, and specific to the sound of the kingdom and of Jesus, through those that you serve.

For more information, go to the Garden City ProjectWith the purchase of this $15 course, we will send you over 12GB of FREE downloads from our presenters at the Make Jesus Culture Conference.