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Honoring Christ In Our Work-Day 3

Jesus' Work in Culture

Earlier we discussed Jesus as our “minister” in Hebrews 8:2. Ironically and curiously, the same word used for Jesus' work in Hebrews is used in Romans 13:4 by Paul in referring to the secular and evil authorities of our world. 

The point? 

Even those in worldly cultural leadership have been granted some authority by God to work their rhythms, liturgies (forms), shapes, and ideas into the soil of God’s world. They are in fact liturgists and worship workers of sorts. 

All that is done in culture cannot be disconnected from worship work. Everything is worship work. We must engage Christ in our own spheres of influence in culture. Those pastoring churches should think much bigger than singing when they think of worship work. The Scriptures, and the King of the Universe, pose a vision of life that pastors and equips you and I today to shape people’s affections in worship work via media, education, politics, business, family, church, arts, and more.

Consider today your vocation, hobbies, and anything else you to which you might attend to in mind and matter. How can God use what you do in order to shape the loves of your heart, and to shape those around you to love the kingdom of God? 

*For further reading in the Bible: Romans 13:1 - 13:6 2nd Corinthians 11:14 - 11:15 1st Peter 2:18 1st Peter 2:23

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