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Honoring Christ In Technology-Day 1

Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t begin the story of life with a 501(c3) non-profit entity? Why didn’t he begin with a building? Wall Street? A School? Why did God begin the story of life with a marriage, a family, and a meal (The Garden)?

And yet, with all the technological advancements and church ministry advancements of the past two thousands years, it would seem that in all of our “evolvement” we struggle in keeping our focus on what three things? The marriage, the family, and the meal. Even scientific studies are showing that significant increases in all types of development sky-rocket when the family preserves one thing—time eating together around the table. Even our pagan culture knows that eating is a priority. We saw this in the most recent economic recession. Everything was declining, and yet what increased in multiplication and reproduction at an alarming rate of 110% even in the darkest of times? Restaurants. 

We eating ingrained in us, and though not all of us would admit the importance of the marriage, the family, and the meal, we must wonder why even the most successful business professionals, presidents, and pro-athletes, still attribute their greatest influences—for better or for worse—to their parents. There’s still a reason why everyone on their death bed wants their family close by their side and not their trophies, achievements, promotions, or diplomas.

So why does it seem like all our advancements seem to pull us away from what is most important? The attempt of this study is not to judge you, but to get you to think. We want you to think about C.S. Lewis’ quote, when he said something to the effect of “the demise of man will be when he does everything that he’s imagined.”

Every idea that we’ve dreamed has not been helpful. Period. I often wonder if most of our technological advancements are degression not progression—much like the humorous but sobering image included at the top of this post.

Today, we want you to read about the Egyptians. They were at the peak of technological and power advancement in their age, and yet their tools became their gods and began enslaving others. How can we use the tools we create all while not allowing them to make us?

*For further reading in the Bible: Exodus 1; Exodus 2; Exodus 3; Exodus 4 Exodus 5; Exodus 6; Exodus 7; Exodus 8; Exodus 9; Exodus 10; Exodus 11; Exodus 12

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