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Honoring Christ In Improv, Acting, And Presenting Scripture-Day 3

Tom Boomershine talks about how we must once again start to experience old texts – and especially the Bible – orally as they were originally conveyed orally or, in the case of the Epistles, they were written in such a way as to be read orally to others.

Tom read the passage in Mark about the calming of the storms and seas. He read it once as a sort of standard reading: the sort of thing you might experience in any given liturgical service. Then he went back through and actually narrated the story in a full oral rendition and it came to life.

We want you to do the same. In this study we want you to read the passage 5 times. The first time, we want you to read it silently. The second time, read it aloud. The third time, try to add some emphasis here and there. The fourth time, go line by line and make an acoustic outline: actually offset each line that should sounddifferent with a tab or an arrow or indentation. The fifth time, read it again mindful of your acoustic outline and give the different sounds truly different emphases.

Consider how the acting out of the passage enhances, deepens, and awakens the meaning.

*For further reading in the Bible: Luke 8:22 - 8:25


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