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Honoring Christ In Forming Creative Community-Day 3

God is building his temple in us Today!

We leave you to study today’s Scripture and keep some questions in mind. As you read, ask yourself, “am I more priestly, prophetly, or kingly in how I go about life?” The answer might surprise you, and it will give you some bearing on how God will now use you in the artistic community of the church. At our circles page (link below)you can even take the PPK assessment to help you understand how God’s Triune image is best displayed in you.  

Lastly, consider why community, and the family of the church is so vitally important to you growing in Christ. You are not a lone-ranger, but a body part in your gifts. You are not a super-hero, but a servant. We all require community to grow in our theology. We realize the prayer of Jesus—“that they may be One as YOU (the Father) and I (Jesus) are One”—when we begin to think this way. I say again, if we want to fully understand the Godhead in our theology, it’s going to require community to do it. Without “together” we’re “no where.”

*For further reading in the Bible: 1st Corinthians 12; Zechariah 7; Zechariah 8

We would like to ask you to visit our Garden City Circle s page today, and check out how we desire to help communities form Trinitarian communities that are flourishing in making things for the gospel; and doing it under sound Triune leadership. This is the application for all we’ve learned in this study.

We’d also encourage you to go to and feast on the wealth of videos that flesh this out even further.

Accompanying this study is over 300-Hours of video footage from 150 of today's top Christian thinkers on culture, creativity, innovation, and invention at and We aim to help churches develop grass roots culture formation for their contexts. Go now!