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Honoring Christ In Film And Animation-Day 3


We are to see our Savior in the Words of Scripture, in the Man of Jesus, and in the beauty of creation. We are to ponder and savor what everything teaches us about Jesus himself, and then we are to sing.

When I say sing, I’m not just referring to singing itself, although you will read some Scriptures today that will blow your mind regarding how singing is not just a response to truth, it helps us learn truth to the deepest extent. Regardless, think of singing as a “type” that represents ALL creative work. Whether you’re a businessman, a journalist, a sculptor, a homemaker, a pastor, a janitor, or any one of a million other things, notice that Scripture has a trajectory for learning. 


We behold and see God’s beauty—an art in and of itself. We ponder that art, and then we respond with art! Singing! Making!

Why is this important? Because “making” is crucial to discipleship (disciple means learning by the way). 

Take a look at the image below:

On the right is a well-known progression of how we retain the information we learn. If lectured, we remember 5%, if we read, 10%, if audio/visual, 20% and so on and so forth until we reach maximum retention of 80% when we teach what we know to others. However, though this is how we develop sound knowledge or theology, it’s not how transformation happens. Transformation is on a different scale (see the other side of the image). We transform 5% in what we remember, but as we chew longer, it moves to understanding, then applying, analyzing, evaluating, and then into creating (75%). Our theology now begins to makes its way into our biography—the real stuff of our work and play. When we begin creating with the truth, we then move into doxology—glorifying and praising God in our being and in our work. 


Consider the Scriptures you read today, but also this diagram. Take what you know of God and “make.” Make something—anything. Press out kingdom principles into your business plan, write a script, shape a meal for friends, or re-think your curriculum in order to infuse it with more beauty and wonder. Capture the minds and imaginations of all that are around you with kingdom thinking.

In this way, faith becomes sight! People see what we’re savoring through what we’re singing (making). 

*For further reading in the Bible: Colossians 3:16 - 3:17; Isaiah 35:10; Isaiah 54:1; James 5:13

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