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Honoring Christ in Our Home-Day 3

A Hotel or a Home

We sadly treat the church today like a Hotel not a Home. In a hotel, one comes in and uses up resources. We empty the toiletries, mess up the bed, and get waited on hand and foot. This is sadly how we expect the world around us to work, and it’s sadly what’s happening in our world today. We are using up resources, devouring people, and expecting that everything will wait on us and our every desire.

This is not the case in a home. A home is a place of service, and a place to produce and reproduce. God’s mandate to Adam and Eve was that they would take the beauty of the Garden home, and spread it’s civility out into the uninhabited wilderness around them. Adam’s mandate was to produce not consume. Many of our churches today operate on consumption models. We come and eat up the service, the word, the music, and the work of others, and we can easily forget our call to create together.

Paul’s vision of the church, the home, as expressed in 1 Corinthians, was one where everyone brought something. We see them bringing food to enjoy the Lord’s Supper together (not just a wafer and juice mind you—a full meal is what they understood), and everyone chimed in by sharing truth, sharing a gift, and sharing life, all beside and among the friendship of godly elders and fathers who would oversee, protect and love on the flock—ensuring their health.

Consider today how the shape of our ministries can subtly lose the closeness, the fellowship, and the purpose of the meal and table. Consider today the Scriptures on hospitality in our reading, and your role in helping build the church up in love and unity via your home.

*For further reading in the Bible: Isaiah 58:7; Luke 14:12-14:14; Luke 14:7-14:11

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