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Honoring Christ in Our Home-Day 2

One Anothering

The Bible is filled with countless “one another” statements. We are a family as Christians. No Christian is exempt from the pastoral work of love, and yet often we do just that—we leave it to the “staff” to do the “work of ministry.” 

However, through Christ’s saving work at Calvary, we ALL have become a family bound together in unity in familial relationship. We are called to live in peace with each other, we are called to show kindness, speak truth, and not devise evil in our heart toward one another. We are called with a pure heart to encourage each other, bear each others burdens, forgive and love one another, hold up a brother who falls, serve each other, and even share each other’s consequences in seeking justice for one another.

We hold a duty to rebuke, and confront one another face to face, and at the same time we are called in our openness to honor each other in harmony, peace, and mutual submission.We are perfected in our walk together. As one body with many different parts and gifts, we serve and accomplish tasks together, we teach each other, and thus OUR salvation fulfills the prayer of Christ that we may be ONE.

I want you as you read a sampling of “one anothering” Scriptures today, to ask yourself “how are you doing as a family member?” Also, I want you to consider why God began his creative work with a family, home, and a meal. Consider how you are using your home to truly shape God’s family into the household and people of God.

*For further reading in the Bible: 1st Peter 4:9; Ecclesiastes 4:10; Mark 11:31; 2nd Corinthians 13:11; Psalm 133:1; Mark 9:50; Zechariah 7:9; Zechariah 8:16 - 8:17; James 4:11; 1st Thessalonians 4:18; 1st Thessalonians 5:11; Ephesians 4; Hebrews 3:13; Hebrews 10:24 - 10:25; Galatians 5:13; Galatians 6:2

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