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Honoring Christ In Our Liturgy-Day 8

Today, you’ve got a lot of reading to do. You’re going to read the whole book of Romans straight through. Yes, you heard me! Consider how Paul structures the whole letter. It’s not just a bunch of verses, and great teaching, but it’s a book of worship. Its shape follows the pattern of how God calls, catechizes (teaches), and commissions us as the church to love God and others. Reading Romans in this way will cause us to relate to Paul’s words differently. Rather than reading Romans as one of the greatest theological works ever written (which it is) we’ll read it as a book of worship.

Romans Part 1

  • Instruction (vv. 1-11)

  • Explanation of Grace through Faith (Assurance) (vv. 2-11)

  • God’s character recognized (Adoration) (vv. 11:25-32)

  • Human character confessed (v. 12:1) 

  • Response of thankful devotion (Corporate/Individual/Moral) (vv. 12:3-8, 9-12)

  • Promise of Covenant Blessing (Mission to Others) (vv. 14:1-15:13)

Romans Part 2

  • God’s character recognized (Adoration) (vv. 11:33-36)

  • Human need for mercy (Confession) (v. 12:1)

  • God’s mercy assured (Assurance) (v. 12:1)

  • Thankful Response (Thankfulness) (v. 12:2)

  • Instruction for obedience (Instruction) (vv. 12:3-13:14)

  • Communal Care for One Another (Mission) (vv. 14:1-15:12)

  • Charge and Blessing (Dismissal) (v. 15:13)

    *For further reading in the Bible: Romans 1; Romans 2; Romans 3; Romans 4; Romans 5; Romans 6; Romans 7; Romans 8; Romans 9; Romans 10; Romans 11; Romans 12; Romans 13; Romans 14; Romans 15; Romans 16

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