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Honoring Christ In Our Liturgy-Day 5

God’s Order of Worship is present in how he deals with our sin corporately (together), but also in how we relate to God in worship individually.

Meditate on Isaiah’s encounter with God today, and consider how God’s rhythm again can challenge us in how we relate to him when we’re worshipping with Christ’s church together, as well as when we are walking with the Lord in our daily rhythms.

  • God’s character recognized (vv.1-4)

  • Human character recognized (v. 5)

  • God’s grace exhibited (vv. 6-7)

  • God’s grace assured (v. 7)

  • Response of thankful devotion (v. 8)

  • Instruction for obedience (vv. 9-12)

  • Promise of Covenant Blessing (v. 13)

*For further reading in the Bible: Isaiah 6

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