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Honoring Christ In Our Liturgy-Day 4

God’s Rhythm in the Law

God’s people had been under the ruling and tyrannical Egyptian regime for over 400 years. Imagine the psychological and spiritual complexes that had taken root in the Israelite people after 400 years of oppression and slavery. During their times as slaves, Israel had fallen into idol worship, and they’d embraced in large part the Egyptian gods and their false sense of rule.

After God delivers Israel from the Egyptian torment in the Exodus in supernatural fashion, the Israelites lost their known system of over 400 years. Their law, rules, gods, regiment, schedule, and whole cultural structure within slavery had been dismantled, decimated, and destroyed.

Israel’s story is very much like our story. When God frees us from our slavery to sin, the flesh, and to the ruler of this world, our whole comfort zone gets disrupted. Yes, we’re overjoyed to be free, but we know nothing of what to do next. The Israelites had only heard the word “Lord” used for over 400 years in reference to Pharaoh, a ruler who only sought to destroy them. Likewise, when we serve our sin and under evil, we only know leadership to be destructive. So when God came to Israel, and comes to us and says follow me as “Lord,” there’s a joy, but also a bit of a hesitant uncertainty that sets in.  Without knowing it, we start to distrust the Lord’s intentions in the same we did our chosen evil. God, shows himself trustworthy, and gives all of us new rules to follow. He gives us the Law. This law is not meant to be enslaving, but protecting. Notice how God’s Order of Worship continues as he seeks to bring Israel under his law of freedom—a law that ultimately leads to a fulfillment of all law in Christ Jesus himself.

  • God’s character recognized (vv. 4, 22-24)

  • Human character confessed (v. 5, 22-27)

  • God’s grace exhibited (vv. 2-3, 6)

  • God’s grace assured (v. 2-3)

  • Instruction for obedience (v. 6-21, 32-33a)

  • Response of thankful devotion (v. 27)

  • Promise of Covenant Blessing (v. 33b)

*For further reading in the Bible: Deuteronomy 5

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