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Honoring Christ In Our Liturgy-Day 2

God’s Rhythm in Restoration

In Day 1 of this study we looked at how God has a pattern, or a rhythm that all of creation follows in how we relate to and worship him. It is important to note that God’s rhythm not only presses its way into creative activity, but also into acts of re-creation or restoration.

Sadly, when humanity chose to sin against God by disobeying him, we experienced a distance from God and a change in our nature. We became sinful. However, God’s nature and plan for worship never changed or compromised. Though our hearts began to wander and to find lesser “gods” to which to pay allegiance, God’s holiness remained untarnished and beyond all we could fashion in our own image.

As you read through Genesis 3 today, consider how God remains the same in drawing us to himself in rebuke, instruction, forgiveness, and re-commissioning, even when we run away into lesser loves and false promises.

  • God’s character recognized in initiating and pursuant grace (v. 9)

  • Human character recognized (v. 10)

  • God's pronouncement of judgment (vv. 14-20)

  • God's grace exhibited (v. 21)

  • Promise of Covenant Blessing, Sending, and Assurance (v. 15)

*For further reading in the Bible: Genesis 3

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