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How Does This Work?

  1. All presenters are broadcasting via LIVE video & audio feed from their present locations all over the world. 

  2. We will have a central team of hosts that will broadcast LIVE between each presentation to debrief and set up the next presenter.

  3. If you are an individual, a church, or a group, you can fully participate in our LIVE Portal (see below), and we would invite you to pursue further action steps. You can Make Money for yourself or organization through our Alliance Program, start a Circle(s) in your community, log your work in our Marketplace, or Donate above and beyond to our Causes.


What You Will See In Our LIVE Portal


1) Shows the author, title, and a short description of the presentation.

2) Shows access to an online Bible, Note Taking, Chat Window, and a calendar of upcoming presenters.

3) Is a Map of the world and all participants.

4) You can submit a Prayer Request to our Prayer Team.