Make Jesus Culture


Yes & No. Our LIVE EVENT is over, but it was more like the Olympics in its scheduling. Most people made the opening ceremony and then tracked the most relevant content to them for the following two weeks. 

Bottom line ... we wanted you to have ALL the content. This event is to be a FIRE STARTER EVENT. We are looking to ignite ideas and then turn you loose. We want to equip you to keep the fire going by joining in our Marketplace & Circles, Projects, and in connecting to our efforts to rescue children from human trafficking.

You can BUY an ARCHIVE now or select Video Bundles, and have FOREVER access to all our content and the presenter outlines that will help you and your community to begin doing all that was presented.

Is this 300 Hour Event Over?

Why was this Conference one of a kind?

First, we had over 8k unique user logins from over 50 countries, and over 200k people that completed our Bible Studies, so we were able to achieve mass mobilization.

Second, it's not about the event at all. Most conferences are places to go. You buy stuff, and you leave to go home. We, on the other hand, have put the bulk of our resources into the projects, software, and causes to help you in what comes next after this extravaganza. You can hit the ground running and we can be here to help you.

Third, our speakers have served you out of the goodness of their heart — we want to put our resources toward the after party. See What Comes Next, and thank God for all our gracious brothers and sisters in Christ for partnering freely for the good of a Cause.

Explain the Archive and the Bundles ...


Our $99 registration pass ensures that you have access to ALL the video/circle content FOREVER.  

$7-20 Bundles

We recognize that you may not want, or even need our 3oo hours of content, so we've created smaller bundles that target your area of interest. This gives you quick and easy training tools to use in order to build up your community, craft, church, and character in a more targeted way.  

Here's a quick breakdown. Also check out how Donations "above and beyond" are being used to give others like you "grants" in order to launch your idea.

Where is the Money Going?

Check out all we are currently inviting people into at The Worship Ministry Catalyst

Tell Me About the Projects

The Marketplace is explained at the included link. 

What's the Marketplace?

Yes. The true beauty of this Conference is realized when micro-communities of innovators are formed in local contexts and churches. We want to harness and equip the artist,  the writer, the businessman, the politician, the musician, the father and mother, the Pastor, the missionary, and more, to gather like-minded individuals together. Our Circles enable community to form with one another, along side one another, and toward those who have dire need for gospel renewal. Learn more about our Circles and start one today!

Tell Me About Circles? Is this really how you're going to "keep this Conference going?"