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About Make Jesus Culture

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The Point

In February 2018 we gathered together 150+    presenters with great minds, and gospel hearts to equip you to make the kind of culture Jesus desires: one that’s more loving, that makes peace, that reciprocates kindness, that controls itself, and lives out joy. 

Download over 300 hours of content NOW that will help you refine your craft and character, and will help inspire you with rich thought; coaching you on what it means to "make."

Once you purchase an archive, you will also receive a wealth of resources on how to apply the content in your home, church, and community.


The Projects

We help local churches and believers find their “flavor," by walking alongside them and helping them to equip Christ’s body to make Jesus Culture.


We've mobilized projects in areas of writing, music, technology, education, and much more that will help the local church to stir up local innovation.

Check out some of Our Projects already in progress for you to join through our partner The Worship Ministry Catalyst.

The Plan

Step 1: Gather with fellow attendees in local Circles. Log your work and contributions in our Marketplace (COMING SOON) and ...

Step 2: We will encourage you and consult with you anytime as needed within those Circles to help you develop (1) collaborative projects around a theme and (2) big-idea Jesus culture projects that can ...

Step 3: ... empower local churches and communities. We resource your projects with grants, branding, production and publication connectionsplatforms to distribute your work, and professional producers who will help bring your work to life. 

Step 4: And with an eye for the least of these, we encourage you to donate above and beyond to help launch each other's ideas and rescue children out of the human trafficking industry.